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500 Words: Day 2 Pills


If given a cup of experience that would level me up what would it be? What are the limitations and give a reason for why the specific ability you chose was increased.

Submitted by Mai

To begin this thought experiment I’d like to first define what a level up is and how the experience would affect me. I define a level up as a person’s expansion of their current limit in a certain skill or physical/mental ability. For example, a person who increases their ability to lift weight would be increasing their physical strength. Therefore, I’m going to have level ups be the manifestation of physical/mental abilities. Following this metric I think the best way to realize this would be the extent to which the level up would increase one’s abilities. (This was just some random stuff before I started writing)


Have you ever wanted to be better? What if all it took was one pill? One pill and you’ll become your best self. No more waiting. Call us today and begin your consultation with Best Life, where you’ll be able to talk with one of our health care specialists about starting ‘your’ Best Life today!

Aaron stared blankly at the screen. How could anyone believe those frauds? How naïve do you have to be to give your money away to a literal snake oil salesman? Especially considering it costs upwards of five thousand dollars to get one pill, how could anyone even afford to do the treatment in the first place? Thinking to himself quietly in his seat.

A moment later the door in the waiting room opened up with a nurse holding a clipboard. “Mr. Paul, we’re ready for you.”

Of course I’d be a hypocrite to deny myself the opportunity to prove my point by actually going through with the treatment. But, the truth is… I’d do anything to actually live my best life. I just didn’t think I’d literally be given the opportunity to do so. Who knows? What the worst that could happen? I already have it pretty rough, I doubt things could get any worse.

“Oh yes, that would be me. Could you hold the door open for me please?” Aaron says, as he pushes himself through with his wheelchair. Followed quickly by the nurse, he makes his way down the hall into the doctor’s office where he parks himself in anticipation for his consultation.

Before leaving the nurse looks over her shoulder and says, “I hope you get to live your Best life.” Smiling and walking out the door before Aaron can give a response.

The wait for the doctor wasn’t too long. Five minutes at most, but the anxiety of actually getting reliable treatment was what ate away at him. Thoughts of this entire treatment being a scam and being blackmailed into more payments were the least of his concerns. The thing that truly frightened Aaron the most was that the treatment doesn’t work and he has to live with the fact that he’ll be in this chair for the rest of his life. He hated all of these negative thoughts but it was difficult to ignore them completely. Before long, Aaron was brought back to reality as the door opened and the doctor arrived.

Aaron was panicking, his heart beat was so loud he couldn't hear a word the doctor was saying. However, among the slew of distorted words he caught something the doctor said that he couldn't believe. Recognizing Aaron’s lack of response, the doctor calmly put her hand on his shoulder reassuring him.

"I know this is a lot to take in, but after the treatment I'm positive we'll be able to get you back on your feet again." She said, without a hint of hesitation. Without a hint of deceit. It was honest in a way that you’d think you didn’t deserve what they were offering even though you already paid them. All Aaron could do was nod, tears streaming down his face.

After taking a moment to compose himself he looks at the doctor again. This time, she's holding a pill in her outstretched hand. "It all starts with this," she says smiling "You've already been preapproved to take the treatment so we can get started right away."

As odd as it sounded in Aaron's head he wasn't ready for this. It all seemed to go way too fast but, the opportunity was there to turn his life around, finally. He had to do it. Taking the pill out of her hand, he looks at it for a second before swallowing.

"Let's get started then."

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