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500 Words: Day 3 A Message


3 Word Association – Fortune / Phone / Dice

Write something that connects these three nouns.

The last will and testament of multi-billion dollar technology company CEO, Melon Husk, has begun broadcasting on all major news outlets. He requested the video be sent to the press upon his death. The video indicates that a contest will be held to pass on the ownership of his company Vestla to the victor.

The proceeding is the video of his last words.

“It is with a heavy heart that I’m speaking in front of you today. By the time you see this I will have passed on. In life I have always been a proponent of giving people opportunities to better themselves. Therefore, I am imposing a condition as to how ownership of my company will be passed on. A contest and to the victor goes the spoils. However, I believe in fairness so everyone should get a chance to participate in the contest to win my fortune. Vestla has been my brain child and I hope that with a new leader, their ideas propel vest technology and accessories into a new age.

So moving onto what you’re all here for, my fortune. There is no doubt there will be ripples throughout the world when a victor is crowned, however, in order to be eligible you must have phone. That is all you need to qualify. In anticipation of this, if you do not own a phone Vestla will grant you access to the most recent Phone-Vest technology, allowing you to take part in the competition. Once everyone has their phones the game begins.

The rules are simple, using the Vestla app, which everyone can download for free. The app will keep track of whether you’re eliminated or still in the race. Through the app you will generate a number with a three six-sided die. This occurs when you appear next to any other players in your vicinity. When your phone generates a number it will vibrate and you’ll see if you’re eliminated or the victor among the other participants around you. This is a game of luck as much as it is strategy. Hiding is strictly forbidden, you must eliminate at least one target every two weeks or be disqualified. It’s up to you to figure out the best way to be among the last one hundred players. Upon narrowing the player pool to one hundred, each of the victors will be brought from wherever they are around the world to Vestla headquarters. After another round of eliminations through a series of challenges and tests the final contestant will be decided.

Once again thank you all for your time today, good luck to all the competitors and congratulations in advance to the winner. I hope you make me and Vestla proud going into the future.”

- Melon Husk

As the video begins to fade to black news casters from all across the world begin their coverage of his last will. The videos are clamoring over the uncertainty of the future as a random person may soon have control over one of the most powerful companies in the world. The future of vest technology and accessories may be unclear at the moment but, time will tell if it changed for the better.

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