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Telling Time

Hours as a child would seem like an eternity when waiting for my parents after school. As a teen the desire to grow up left me wanting time to skip to adulthood. However, on the cusp of being thirty time seems to be moving at a break neck speed. Days, become weeks, weeks become months and months turn to years. Suddenly, all I want is for time to slow down. Recent events measured by years and large life events in the decades. It seems you can't tell your losing time until it's already past and reminiscing of fonder days only further puts you into the hole. However, there's something that I've realized recently through introspection, which may be obvious to some but for me losing time was devastating. Compounded by feelings of failure a heavy burden weighed down upon my shoulders. I missed something very important when it came to time and its' passing. Time will move forward regardless but, learning to make the most out of the time you have and the time you've missed will overcome any feelings of loss when you're actually living the time you're given. So be mindful of the who you're spending your time with. What you're spending your time on. Where and when you're spending it any why you're spending it in the first place.

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