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As I grow older, I’ve never been one to share my hobbies to others aside from my close friend groups. However, as time goes by the opportunity to be with and enjoy the company of those people can be far and few between. It has become a process to make sure the moments we do get to spend with each other are meaningful and full of sharing things that bring happiness to our normal routine. Something that generally doesn’t come up with people I don’t know is that I’m a huge table top roleplaying game (TTRPG) fan. With the resurgence due to Stranger Things and Critical Role, TTRPG’s are more common in the collective media. However, a common problem occurs when a niche group is thrust into the light. The people who were already in the group feel the need to gatekeep or question the interest of people who bandwagon into “their” hobby. The growing pains of a developing community. I can understand the push back, people don’t like their hobby going a different way or catering to a new audience and feeling abandoned by the current structure. I believe that change is inevitable and a growing audience only means there will be more support in the future. Pushing away new players only weakens the hobby. Accepting new players and showing them the best, our hobby has to offer will only bring in more people in the end. I love TTRPG’s and I plan on continuing to talk about them going forward.

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